For almost two years i relied on Sarah's therapeutic deep tissue massages while i recovered from a broken ankle and the necessary physical therapy. Sarah's massages definitely contributed to the acceleration of my recovery. I continued to use Sarah to help me with flexibility and muscle recovery from a weekly spin cycling regimen. The only reason i stopped using Rye Massage was because I relocated to the DC area. Sarah is a wonderful and attentive therapist with phenomenal skills. I highly recommend Sarah.



Exceptional and caring professional.  I am a competitive cyclist and have a great deal of experience with massage.  Sarah is one of the best, and has helped alleviate several chronic use problem areas in my legs and back.  As an athlete herself, she has a strong knowledge-base of human physiology and an appreciation for the ways massage can help keep your systems in optimal condition, as well as increase your enjoyment of sport and physical activity.

BR, Mamaroneck

I have been competing as a serious runner for many years and have suffered numerous injuries. For the past year, I've had the privelege to work with Sarah.  After my first session, I was thoroughly impressed, both with her friendly demeanor and expert skills.  After my first session I quickly started to enjoy the relief of my symptoms.  She is professional and very interactive in her approach.  It's refreshing to meet someone like Sarah, who has such extreme passion for her work.  Not only does she go the extra mile to obtain information regarding your treatment, but she has an intuitive and skillful touch that is rare to find.
JRG, Larchmont

Sarah is a knowledgeable and professional massage therapist.  I have been a regular, having massage consistently over the years.  Sarah has been, I feel, the most accomplished of all the therapists I have worked with.  She has an innate ability to tune into into your body and seek and work out the problems.  I unhesitatingly recommend her.
PZ, Sleepy Hollow

I highly recommend Sarah Palmer as a massage therapist.  She is both intelligent and extremely thorough.  She takes time to review your medical history, your needs and issues. Her knowledge of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and skeletal structure is then applied to what she has learned from you with the skill of an experienced therapist.  The end result is an individual massage that is well worth your time and money. I would recommend the pre- and post- triathlon massages, the hot stone massage is awesome and general maintenance massages keep my very active body feeling great.
SV, Rye